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Investing in a More Secure Digital Future



The average cost of a data breach, 2021



The estimated size of the cybersecurity market by 2028
(Yahoo Finance)


Increase in cybercrime due to

Covid-19 pandemic

Investing in World-Class, Home-Grown UK Cyber Technologies across the Value Chain


The fund is a Guernsey-based, closed-end LP, advised by Albany Investment Limited ('Albany').


Albany is an experienced team of professionals in: cyber technology, military intelligence and private growth equity; and is supported by an active & seasoned advisory board. Collectively, Albany has a distinct advantage in assessing proprietary deal flow.


The fund has an independent board that oversees both corporate and investment activities.


The fund is the first UK-based, cyber-focused fund, providing a first mover advantage. The fund also seeks to be both the first institutional investor and lead the Series A funding round.


The fund takes advantage of the deeply fragmented market by providing capital to innovative companies throughout the cyber security value chain with proven capabilities as suppliers for government entities and law enforcement, expanding their markets and offerings beyond their original public sector vertical, and partnering them with other sector participants.


The Golden Age of Cyber Security Investment


87% of UK local government organisations have experienced a phishing attack in the past 12 months (2019) 


NotPetya virus caused Maersk to partially suspend operations, causing congestion in 76 ports worldwide, and resulting in business losses of $300mn in the initial quarter after the attack (2017) 


Singapore suffered its "most serious" data breach to date, compromising personal data of 1.5mn healthcare patients including that of its Prime Minister (2018) 

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Equifax, the US based credit reporting agency, was subjected to a high-profile data breach in 2017. Two years after, the company announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2019, ending March 31, reporting a loss of $555.9mn


Colonial Pipeline was hacked by a ransomware hack bought/downloaded from the dark web costing $40 in cryptocurrency. The $4.4mn ransom was paid, of which $2M was recovered by Elliptic, a UK cyber security company. (2021) 


31.5 terabytes of data were hacked in a campaign against 320 universities in nearly two dozen countries around the world (2018)

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